How It Works

Creating new content for Social Media can be exhausting, but it is necessary for an effective social media platform. Content is the driving force that pulls new customers towards your business while keeping your previous customers close. 

For our clients at Colorado Pure Hemp, their social media platforms are one of the easiest ways for them to keep in contact with their customers, and so content creation is very important for them. Additionally, they have a distinct brand and market that they cater to, that don’t always follow the same rules and styles of other companies. 

This particular series was created for their Instagram page.

Our Solution

When creating the social media content for CPH, we decided to really stick to the brand’s signature green in every way that we could. For secondary colors, we opted for neutral beige tones, to keep in line with the natural themes and hemp colors. 

For recurring content, we created two templates. One is for short and simple quotes on the benefits of CBD, while the other is for reviews of the product. Both templates are easily editable to create future content. 

November 16, 2020
Web Development // Social Media
Colorado Pure Hemp LLC