December 12, 2019
Graphic Design / Content Creation
Colorado Pure Hemp
Digital Advertising in Beaumont Texas

Holiday Time!

Holidays are an exciting time, but they can also be overwhelming. During the holiday season of 2019, we took on the challenge of helping Colorado Pure Hemp bring relief to their customers. This portfolio piece shows the digital holiday ad series that we created during December of 2019.

This digital ad series was designed for the holiday season, with the intent to be posted to the company’s facebook page. While the client wanted each photo to clearly represent the holidays, it was very important to them that there be no defining features to specify one holiday over the other.

Colorado Pure Hemp’s brand is well established through their product packaging and their various online platforms. It was crucial to maintain that defined look in their digital advertisements.


Our Solution

We relied on neutral tones and natural textures, including burlap, hemp cord, and fresh foliage. The browns and tans that make up most of the images were broken up by bright pops of green. With the holidays in mind, red also made an appearance in a couple of the pieces. It acted as a powerful counterbalance to the company’s green logo and packaging.

One of the biggest challenges for this digital holiday ad series was ensuring that the content would stand out. During this season, it is so easy for individual pieces to be swept up in the flow of constant advertisement. We worked to overcome this obstacle by using simple compositions and high contrast.