How It Works

Website design is crucial for businesses in our modern world, but the process of getting your site designed can be daunting. This is more apparent when you are wanting to incorporate an online shop. We were fortunate to be chosen by Fallows International LLC to assist them with creating their website.

Website Design is an expansive process, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. Fallows International had many aspects of their business that they wanted to highlight in their own ways. Not only is the client very proud of their company’s capabilities, but they are also incredibly proud of their history as well.

This website would also be a challenge in that it would heavily establish core aspects of Fallows International’s new Brand Identity. In addition to that, we would be starting SEO from scratch for this site, as Fallows International had almost no online presence before this.

Our Solution

When creating Fallows International’s website design, we wanted to focus on showing the company’s modern and approachable side. We kept the layout simple and the aesthetic clean and minimalistic.

One aspect of the website design that was requested specifically were the various aspects of motion and animation. We achieved this using a multitude of techniques and themes. They can be seen on the home page, the Contact Us page, and the About Us page.

October 18, 2020
Web Development // Web Design
Fallows International