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Netbit Systems LLC is a private business and tech entity based in Beaumont, Texas USA. We specialize in full -cycle software development, serving as a digital transformation consultancy and engineering firm. Our innovative solutions cater to global organizations and tech startups, facilitating their growth through advanced technologies and digital -first strategies. With a track record of 200+ custom software solutions delivered, we’re trusted by startups, SMBs, and Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Our mission is to enhance customer experiences, secure competitive advantages, and optimize internal efficiency.

Mission & Vision

At Netbit Systems, our mission resonates with expediting the assimilation of novel technologies for enterprises. We specialize in unraveling the intricacies that invariably surface during digital evolution, all while conducting a symphony of continual innovation. Whether sculpting a consumer-oriented app or ushering in transformative enterprise-class solutions, we are the architects of the entire journey – from ideation and concept inception to seamless delivery.

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Our History

2015 - 2017

netBIT Systems begins life as the graphics and tech division for Starco Impex. Starco Impex is a distributing company that distributes products across the United States from it’s base in Beaumont Texas.

March 2017

netBIT Systems helps launch the company Riceland Healthcare, providing IT services, generating a brand identity, and establishing an online presence for the new company.

September 2017

netBIT Systems is officially founded as its own company and begins the process of completing work for a variety of industries and companies of Southeast Texas.

2017 - Present

Our team at netBIT Systems has grown and developed ever since, taking on new jobs and learning new skills. We are incredibly proud of our team, who have completed extensive training and have worked incredibly hard over an extended period to ensure that we consistently meet the needs of our customers.