November, 16th, 2020
Graphic Design / Brand Identity
True Insurance Solutions

New Branding is always fun!

It’s always exciting when a company gets a completely new brand. You get a new logo, new stationery, and in this case, a fancy new Style Guide! But not only is the allure of new things a good reason to rework your brand every now and then. It’s also really beneficial to revisit how you present yourself to the world. Companies change over time, and sometimes, it’s good to check back and make sure that your brand accurately represents who you are currently, not who you were five years ago. 

For this particular project, we worked on rebranding for our client True Insurance Solutions. This insurance company was formerly known as Wayne Rose Insurance, but with new management came a new name, which of course means they needed a new logo. But why stop there? Our client decided it best to go with a complete rebrand and get new stationery and signage along with their new logo. 

Our Solution

For this rebrand, our client had a lot of aspects that they wanted to keep from the old brand. So we helped them sort through what aspects they liked and which ones they didn’t. We combined all of these new assets together into a style guide and edited it from there. Some elements that we kept were the icon for the logo, the dark blue for the primary color, and some font choices. For elements that we changed, we included supplementary and secondary colors, as well as preferred textures, such as the brushed steel. 

Once we knew what the brand would look like, we began working on individual assets. As an insurance company, our client was most interested in business stationery, such as business cards, envelopes, and letterhead. In addition to those assets, we recommended a folder, promotional products, such as pens, and a memo pad.