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Cyber Security in Texas

Cyber Security and Why It’s Important

For a long time, the idea of hackers was left mostly to Hollywood to worry about. They were a distant idea that posed no real threat to the average citizen. It became easy to forget the danger that they truly represent. However, as technology develops and we become more reliant on the internet and the digital solutions it offers, we also become more susceptible to cybercrime.

Image by Werner Moser from Pixabay

The Challenge

As we integrate technology into our lives, we steadily increase the risk of cybercrime. From small-time “script kiddies” whose biggest crime is releasing ransomware to elite hackers paid off by foreign governments to develop war level cyber-attacks, these digital threats permeate every facet of modern life.

In addition, the knowledge and understanding of safe information practices are steadily decreasing among the general populace. Data breaches are becoming commonplace, and the true threat of what they mean for the individual is getting lost. In many cases, the negative effects of cybercrime are being hushed, with the aim to keep public relations good.

The Solution

For many, the solution is as simple as downloading a firewall and anti-virus program. These tools are crucial in protecting your individual device and can be lifesaving at times. However, they are only the beginning of cybersecurity. Additionally, for businesses large and small, they are only the bare minimum needed to stay safe. While they are incredibly important steps, it’s crucial to not end your cybersecurity protocol here.

In addition to utilizing the tools listed above, it is also incredibly important to understand cybersecurity and cyber threat trends. Having a deep understanding of what makes individuals and companies vulnerable can help you modify your own procedures to avoid this state yourself. In addition, understanding other cybersecurity tools, such as encryption, VPNs, and spyware can help better prepare you and your team.

It isn’t impossible to defend yourself, but it does take time and effort. Yet when it comes to protecting your business, and yourself, it is more than worth it.